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American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees




202-2- Craft, Maintenance & Labor

This bargaining unit includes all employees in the skilled trades, general laborers and employees who perform skilled maintenance tasks in state facilities as well as maintain Minnesota’s roadways. The unit has approximately 2200 employees.


202-2A- Building Maintenance Coordinator


203-3  Service Unit

The Service Unit consists of employees in service occupations such as groundskeeping, laundry, food service and janitorial work. The unit has approximately 1900 employees.


203-3A- Laborer-General, General Maintenance Worker & Lead, Materials Transfer Driver, Supported Employment Worker


204-4- Health Care Non-Professional

This bargaining unit includes health care staff who perform direct care and out reach services for the clients and residents of Minnesota’s state hospitals, Veterans’ Homes, state operated group homes, community services and day treatment programs for Minnesota’s mentally ill and developmentally disabled citizens. This unit includes approximately 3500 employees.


204-4A- Human Services Technician


206-6- Clerical

This unit includes all clerical and office employees who perform customer service, clerical and other administrative functions in state government. The unit has approximately 5400 employees.


207-7- Technical

This bargaining unit consists of those employees who perform technical inspections, conduct regulatory investigations, provide laboratory, natural resource development and conservation services as well as providing technical work in the design of bridges and roadways. The unit has approximately 3200 employees.


207-7C- Agriculture Classes


208-8- Correctional Officers Unit

This unit includes all correctional officers working in the state’s adult and juvenile correctional facilities. This unit contains approximately 1900 employees.


225-25- Radio Communications Operator Unit

This unit consists of radio communications operators working in the Department of Public Safety. This unit contains approximately 65 employees.


TSS- Transportation Associate, Transportation Generalist & Senior, Transportation Specialist


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