Training & Consulting Services (including ELD, MAD)

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Training & Consulting Services

MMB offers many development and consulting options through our Statewide Systems, Enterprise Learning & Development, Management Analysis & Development and Organizational Health Services. We can customize learning to fit your needs. Some of the opportunities are offered as classroom training that can be brought to your location. View the description and registration information for each course as they can vary significantly.


Consulting Services

Along with the training below, Management & Budget offers fee-for-service management consulting services and training to public service clients through Management Analysis & Development.

Management & Budget also offers Organizational Health Services.through the Employee Assistance Program. The Organizational Health consults with state government; supervisors, managers, HR, labor relations, and union leadership.


Development Training

CORE Training


Leadership Development Programs


Professional Development


Retirement Planning


Systems Training

 IA Warehouse Training


SEMA4 System Training


SWIFT Training

bullet SWIFT Training is available at