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Name (Select a name for email and more information) Phone
General Questions 651-201-8091
Operations Director- Dennis Munkwitz
Informations Systems/Network- Dai Green 651-201-8094
ACH Approvals - Nikki Mehlhorn 651-201-8089
ACH Processing- Dawn Grimes 651-201-8096
ACH Processing- Jeff Pearson 651-201-8099
Accounting- Treasury Only- Richard Pietz 651-201-8092
Bank Account Reconciliation- Jeff Pearson 651-201-8099
Bank Account Services- Sue Gurrola 651-201-8046
Capital Budget- Gay Greiter 651-201-8049
Cash Management- Michi Eichinger 651-201-8097
Cashier Facilities - Nikki Mehlhorn 651-201-8089
Collateral Banking- Richard Pietz 651-201-8093
Continuing Disclosure- Sue Gurrola 651-201-8046
County Receipts- Richard Pietz 651-201-8092
General Obligation Bonding- Sue Gurrola 651-201-8046
Gift Acceptance- Richard Pietz 651-201-8092
Housing Trust Fund- Richard Pietz 651-201-8092
Investments- Richard Pietz 651-201-8092
Lease Purchasing Financing- Sue Gurrola 651-201-8046
Merchant Card Bank Statements- Richard Pietz 651-201-8043
Receipt Processing- Michi Eichinger 651-201-8097
Return Item Processing- Dawn Grimes 651-201-8096
Safekeeping- Richard Pietz 651-201-8092
Tax Deposits- Richard Pietz 651-201-8092
Tax Exempt Bonding Allocations- Sue Gurrola 651-201-8046
Warrant Imaging- Dai Green 651-201-8094
Warrant Processing- Michi Eichinger 651-201-8097
Wire Transfers- Cindy Westphall 651-201-8095
Wire Transfers- Dawn Grimes 651-201-8096
Wire Transfers- Michi Eichinger 651-201-8097
1099 and W9- Hotline 651-201-8201

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Minnesota Management & Budget
400 Centennial Building
658 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
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