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Statewide Financial and MAPS Policies

On July 1, 2011, the state of Minnesota transitioned from Minnesota Accounting and Procurement System (MAPS) to Statewide Integrated Financial Tools (SWIFT). The MAPS policies are in the process of being rewritten and will be known as Statewide Financial Policies. Please contact MMB's Agency Assistance if you have any questions.

Chapter 1- Financial Management & Reporting


Chapter 2- Chart of Accounts

NOTE: These policies are no longer active:
0206-01 Balance Sheet Accounts (superseded by 0202-01)
0211-01 Reporting Category


Chapter 3- Budgeting Functions


Chapter 4- Grants, Projects & Jobs


Chapter 5- Accounts Receivable

NOTE: These policies are no longer active:
0503-01 Managing and Reporting Accounts Receivables (superseded by 0501-01)
0503-02 Charging Interest on Past Due Receivables
(superseded by 0501-01)
0503-03 Monitoring Activities and Balances (superseded by 0501-01)

0506-01 Advanced Collection Actions
0506-07 Accounting for the Two-Tier Collection Cost


Chapter 6- Revenue & Receipts


Chapter 7- Procurement


Chapter 8- Expenditures


Chapter 9- Closing the Fiscal Year


Chapter 10- Reporting


Chapter 11-System Administration


Chapter 12- Specific Agency Policies