Transparency & Accountability Project (TAP)

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Transparency & Accountability Project (TAP)

The Transparency and Accountability Project for Minnesota (TAP Minnesota) provides a powerful new way for the public to access information about state government spending.  This site, created by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB), provides users with customized information on most state activities. TAP Minnesota provides information about how the state spends money, who does business with the state, and how much is spent for various activities. 

TAP Minnesota is a tool that opens the books of state government.  This information is provided from data recorded in the state accounting system and allows users to search all the way to specific transactions.  Major spending categories, like payments to school districts, health care providers, and local units of government, are also included in this database.  Multiple years of spending information are provided to allow the user to select a period of interest or to view spending changes over time.

Minnesota Management and Budget built this reporting tool to make state spending more understandable.  It’s expected that this tool will show how taxpayer dollars are spent and create additional accountability for their uses.      

To understand the power of TAP Minnesota, consider a simple question like “how much has the state spent on supplies this year?”  A search of 2009 spending shows total expenditures for supplies.  It also allows for a closer examination of how much was spent by each state agency and the amounts paid to each supplier.

Even as this new site goes online, MMB is already at work on a new budgeting system and hopes to gain funding for a new accounting system that will allow for even greater utilization and access to state government data.  These agency initiatives will continue to increase state government’s capacity to manage information and deliver exceptional services for Minnesotans.

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